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Aerobic Training For Speed/Power Athletes?


The aerobic energy system is no doubt the most important to us as humans. Whether you’re looking to simply live, want to recover better between sets, or you want to recover better between sessions, developing cardiovascular qualities is imperative.

Where coaches go wrong is in the all-or-nothing approach, as well as the “more is better” approach.
To cut to the chase – you can develop aerobic capacity without running laps, long hills, or slogging your way through 600m repeats. You can achieve great results from lifting, bodybuilding, circuit training, or sprinting, simply by modifying work intervals and rest periods.
Say you’re working a speed endurance day, and want to add a conditioning component near that workout. On the day following your sprint & primary lifts, hit a circuit based workout utilizing 6-10 second intervals of work, with little to no rest between exercises. Cycle between 2-6 exercises per circuit, performing each circuit 3-4 times through.

Monitor your heart rate to ensure you’re in the cardio zone (Max HR x .7-.8), and you’ll be amazed at the effects.
By working in this manner, you can constantly target sport specific time zones (such as a sprinter hitting a 10 second interval), while working in a way which promotes cardiovascular efficiency.

When you develop cardio qualities, you enhance the recovery ability of the body. Your vascular system becomes more effective at moving around energy substrate, getting rid of biochemical waste products, and allows you to expand your heart rate zone to a lower resting heart rate and a higher maximal heart rate. By enhancing your heart rate range, you will find that you can handle larger training loads and still recover well.

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