Workout Tutorial 03 – Stationary Yoga Mobility Warm Up

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Workout tutorial vol.3, here is our latest workout plan. This is workout routine for Stationary Yoga Mobility Warm Up.
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1. SCORPION 00:33 – 01:25
2. SCORPION FACE DOWN 01:25 – 02:15
3. PUSH UP 02:15 – 02:27
4. HANDWALKS BACKWARDS 02:27 – 02:43
5. HANDWALKS FORWARD 02:43 – 02:58
7. HANDWALKS BACKWARDS 03:52 – 04:12

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7 thoughts on “Workout Tutorial 03 – Stationary Yoga Mobility Warm Up

  1. How’re you supposed to get warmed up with this… A propper warm up +
    stretch should take arround 25 to 40 min imop. 10 – 15 min cardio and the
    rest filled with streching and light muscleexercises. But propably this is
    enough for ppl that’re rolling arround their iron. (just a lil sarcastic in
    the end)

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