24 HD fat loss Weight Training System

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24 HD training is a highly effective system for lowering body fat levels that has been hugely successful for our transformation clients. Packing a high volume of quality work into a short period of time can surge fat burning hormones for 24 to 48 hours following each session.

You can earn great progress with 3-4 sessions per week that are 45 minutes or less. Beat the gym crowds by sticking to one station so that you can keep rest periods short between highly intense sets which contributes to optimal levels of fat burning hormones.

24 HD Chest and Back Weight Training System Session agenda.

1. Scott H. Mendelson explains how to determine the best weight load for each exercise.

2.Demonstrate a giant set which includes 4 exercises are all done on 1 station.

3.We will show you the proper form, repetition speed and strategic pauses.

4.An advanced version of the 24 HD system will be performed within the next video.

5.The HD plan will not cause women to accidentally gain unwanted muscle.

6.Eight reps per set with a total of 3 revolutions produces 24 excellent reps per exercise.

Scott Mendelson discusses the unique fat burning benefits of the 24 HD Training System. Watch important training techniques.

Get the full 24 HD Training System routine.

Consult your doctor before changing your weight training program.

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