Pdg day 2 posing flexing 287 pounds bodybuilding

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Paul takes day 2 video flexing and posing from the pdg muscle challange. At 287 pounds he has taken the first step to get in shape using only pdg supplements his training and nutrition. Any one who is looking for info can contact him or the Facebook page. Follow us on Instagram and snap chat.
Instagram paulydes then look for him on snap chat. We try and get something done on one outlet per day!!! the largest natural bodybuilder in the world is back at it. doing what he does best making people train heavy and hard in the gym. also one of the most knoledgable trainers in the world. world renown trainer, who trains out of a small gym in boston area. cover of boston globe. in powerlifting usa,natural muscle, iron man, strong life, and writer for Natural Gainz magazine.

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One thought on “Pdg day 2 posing flexing 287 pounds bodybuilding

  1. Why did you stop being serious about bodybuilding? And what’s wrong with
    gear? Don’t let the media influence you dude! You’re in much better shape
    when you were competing and in gear. You look ok now but bring back the
    hulking body you had before! That’s what everybody wants to see! Gear plus
    nutrition plus training = monster!

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