Muscle Hypertrophy – kill the bro science and use common sense

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Now a days i see lot of people advocating bro science in the gym about fitness and bodybuilding. I came across one such incident where the guy with no signs of muscle growth was explaing to people about hypertrophy with the help of an internet article with no credibility.
1. Understand this – anyone can get an internet space and write an essay about what ever they want. may be good, may be bad . May be right , may be wrong.. You will have no clue about it.
2. Muscle does not count reps for it to say give me 5-8 reps i will grow. Give me 12-15 reps for me to grow endurance..
3. Muscle only knows the time under tension and amount of damage caused on the muscle cells caused.
4. Lift heavy and take your muscles to the limits beyond failure and they will get hypertrophy.

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