Easy Meal Prep How To – Healthy Sweet Potato Maple Chips Recipe

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Mix up your meal prep with our delicious Sweet Potato Maple Chips!


– 350g Sweet Potatoes

– Sugar-Free Syrup – Maple flavour

– 10g Amaranth Superfine Flour

– Salt & Pepper


1) Puncture sweet potato with a fork and place in microwave for 4-6 minutes until soft.

2) Remove from microwave and slice into wedges.

3) Add to a lined tray.

4) Sprinkle with amaranth flour, a splash of sugar-free maple syrup and salt and pepper.

5) Mix together to ensure all chips are evenly coated.

6) Cook for 20-30 minutes at 180c and until crispy.

OPTIONAL – Serve with chicken, vegetables of choice and your favourite Myprotein snack!

Macros per portion:

Calories: 187
Protein: 4g
Fat: 5g
Carbs: 38g
Sugar: 7g


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