Series #4: How to Perform Olympic Lift Muscle Snatch Effectively for Bodybuilding

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Today I’m teamed with riptoned fitness products to bring you the fourth in the series of breaking down the Olympic lifts. So, so far we’ve shown you the wide grip or the snatch grip deadlift, the high pole and the overhead squat.
Now a lot of people want to still do the full snatch movement but they don’t have the required flexibility and the hips and shoulders to do it but this is the next best thing and it is called the muscles snatch. It starts from the ground and the bar does end up all the way over head but it is far less technical. So let’s break that down and go through it right now.
So let’s just do a quick review on the full snatch again. I want to say once again that I am not an Olympic weightlifter, and I would struggle with this movement as well. I actually would have edited this next one out here but I want people to see that I have a hard time hitting these positions as well because I lack flexibility and I lack the skill of doing this full lifts . That’s where the muscle snatch comes in.
As you can see we’re trying to mimic the movement of keeping the bar close but we are not trying to pull ourselves underneath the bar or not trying to drive into a full squat. So it makes the lift much less technical so that people can still reap the benefits of developing power with this exercise without having to spend tons of hours developing the technical mastery to be able to do it. That’s the muscles snatch.
Next stop in this series I’m gonna take the other Olympic lift, the clean and jerk, and I’m going to break that down into movements that most people can use, you don’t have to be an accomplish Olympic lifter to get the benefits out of it.


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